Bone Grafting

What is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is often necessary if you have bone loss either on the upper or lower jaw. Whether a tooth has been extracted or you’ve suffered some type of facial trauma, you may have areas of bone loss. If you want to have dental implants placed, these areas of bone loss can be an issue when it comes to how the implants heal. In order to build these areas up, we can use donor or synthetic bone material in a procedure known as bone grafting.

Why would Bone Grafting be needed?

The reason you might need to have bone grafting done is because you have areas of bone loss around the mouth and jaw. If you need or want dental implants, you’ll need a bone grafting to ensure that the implants have enough healthy, solid bone to fuse with over time. If you fail to undergo bone grafting surgery, the implants will not heal properly and will either become damaged or loose. Bone grafting can even help when it comes to improving the way that dentures fit, if you’re missing a lot of bone.

What Is Bone Grafting

Who is a candidate for a Bone Grafting?

The way for us to determine if a bone grafting is needed is by taking special 3D x-ray images. These images allow us to see if and where you have bone loss around the jaw. If you have bone loss, we recommend having bone grafting done as soon as possible before implants are placed. If you already have implants and are now dealing with bone loss, the implants will need to be removed before the grafting can be done.

What happens during Bone Grafting?

The bone grafting procedure begins with anesthetic to relax and calm you down during surgery. We then make an incision through the gums and place bone material. We offer donor as well as synthetic bone matter that can be used during the procedure. The bone is then given time to heal before implants are placed. Bone grafting must be done if you have bone loss and want dental implants. Bone grafting is easy, comfortable and convenient for our patients needing treatment.

If you would like to learn more about bone grafting, call our office today so that we can help to answer all of your questions regarding this procedure.

Why Would Bone Grafting Be Needed