Corrective Jaw Surgery

What is Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Corrective jaw surgery, called orthognathic surgery, aims to correct severe malocclusions of the upper or lower jaw. If you have either an overbite or underbite that is severe enough that orthodontic treatment cannot help it, we often recommend orthognathic surgery. Surgery helps to bring the jaw into proper alignment and uses braces, pins or brackets to keep it in place. The finished result is a more aligned jaw, a proper bite and a more symmetrical face.

Why is Corrective Jaw Surgery needed?

The reason you might benefit from corrective jaw surgery is because you have a severe malocclusion. Severe malocclusions often do not respond fully to orthodontic treatment. If this is the case for you or a loved one, we’ll recommend orthognathic surgery so that correction is performed properly. If your jaw is improperly aligned, this can affect your bite, ability to eat and chew and cause a variety of other dental and oral health problems.

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Who is a candidate for Corrective Jaw Surgery?

To determine if orthognathic surgery is necessary, we will perform an examination and take special 3D x-ray images of your mouth and jaw area. This allows us to decipher if surgery is necessary and if so, the best way to go about planning your treatment. Most patients who haven’t responded to orthodontic treatment can and should consider corrective jaw surgery. The surgery can be done on teens and adults alike who require this procedure.

What happens during Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Surgery begins with a consultation and examination. We then schedule you to have the surgery done. We provide you with general sedation so that you are relaxed and calm during the procedure itself. We then make small incisions in the jaw area to move it into its correct position. Brackets, braces or aligners are used to keep the jaw into this position. These brackets may need to be removed at a later time, though this will be discussed at your consultation appointment. Corrective jaw surgery can help to prevent many of the dental problems associated with malocclusion.

If you’d like to learn more about corrective jaw surgery and how it is performed, call our office today so that one of our helpful team members can further assist you.

Why Is Corrective Jaw Surgery Needed