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We have identified several websites that provide you with interesting and helpful information about dental and medical health. If you would like to add a link to this page, please email us your suggestion for consideration.

We hope you find these resources informative.


Tobacco Information (Quit smoking!)

Smoking is terribly harmful to the health of your teeth. The yellowing it causes also prevents you from enjoying a healthy smile. The following resources can help smokers quit the habit.


This site provides expert information on quitting smoking.

Tobacco and Cancer

This is a good resource for those who want to stop smoking and provides other information on cancer. Smoking greatly increases a person’s chances of oral cancers.


Dental and Medical Websites of Interest

Dental X-rays

Many patients are concerned about dental x-ray radiation. This site explains the safety and need for dental x-rays. NCOFSC uses only digital x-rays, which give us a much clearer picture of your teeth and decreases your exposure to radiation.


WebMD is the world’s leading source for trustworthy and timely health and medical news and information. It provides credible health information, supportive community, and educational services by blending award-winning expertise in content, community services, expert commentary, and medical review.

National Museum of Dentistry

The museum, a Smithsonian Institution Affiliate, is a lively national center where visitors learn the importance of a healthy smile as well as the rich history of dentistry.


KidsHealth is considered the most visited site on the Internet for content about child health and development. The site is divided into sections for parents, teens, and kids, with age-appropriate content written in easy to understand language. Don’t miss the section on Keeping Your Child’s Teeth Healthy.


Insurance Companies

NCOFSC is a Email Us for the following insurance companies. You can click on the links to learn more about their dental programs. We will obtain insurance benefit information for you, file your claims and adjust our fees according to each insurance company’s approved fee schedule for these companies.

Met Dental

United Concordia

Aetna Dental

Delta Dental of California

Cigna Dental Radius Plan

Guardian Dental Guard Preferred