Your sinuses are the air pockets surrounded by the bones of your face and skull. When you lose bone in your upper jaw, due to a lost tooth, injury or periodontal disease, your maxillary sinuses (the pockets on either side of your nose) drop down. This becomes an issue when you want to add bone to the jaw in order to make room for a dental implant.

A sinus augmentation procedure raises the sinus floor to allow to prepare it for implant installation.

A sinus graft or lift augmentation involves making a tiny incision near the upper premolar or molar region. The sinus on the other side of the jawbone is gently pushed upward and the underlying space is filled with bone graft material.

SInus Augmentation

 The bone used for this procedure may be from your own body or another donor source. We have also had great success using synthetic materials that stimulate bone formation.

After the area has healed and the bone is strong, we can place dental implants in this area. Timing will depend on the patient’s rate of healing.

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