NCOFSC Sets the Standard for Innovation in Oral Surgery in
Southern California.

Our Technology

The North County Oral and Facial Surgery Center is committed to providing the most innovative, advanced and high-quality oral and maxillofacial surgical services in Southern California. We have invested in proven, leading-edge technology to keep us at the forefront of oral medicine and provide our patients with the most successful outcomes possible.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

You’ll immediately notice the difference at our office on your first visit. We’ve eliminated the need for paper files and use only electronic medical records to record your information. This not only gives each doctor and staff member access to your data but gives us a record that is easily transferable to your general dentist or physician. Electronic medical records are also earth-friendly. We save trees by not using paper.

3-D digital imaging with our Picasso Duo cone beam scanner

With 3-D digital imaging, we can analyze your mouth and facial structure more accurately than we could ever do with traditional X-ray machines—and with a fraction of the radiation. Using this advanced technology, we can locate the precise location of impacted wisdom teeth in relation to bones and nerves more accurately. If you’ve been told you’re not a candidate for implants because you don’t have enough bone, this technology now enables us to “find” the bone to determine the right position for your implant. We are often able to do implants without bone grafting using innovative implant procedures. If bone grafting is necessary, the 3-D digital imaging shows us exactly where we need to graft so we can plan and perform your procedure. We can also create pictures to show you (and share with your other doctors), which help us educate you about your condition and explain our recommendations visually.

3-D digital impressions with ITero

We use our Cadent iTero digital impression scanner to take impressions of your existing teeth and dental implants. This technology eliminates the use of plastic trays and putty that many patients find so uncomfortable. These impressions are so perfect that the restorations we create from them fit perfectly. The electronic file created from your digital impression is sent to select milling centers around the country. The milling centers use CAD-CAM technology (computer aided design-computer aided manufacture) to fabricate custom-made implant components (abutments and crowns) that are accurate to within 2 microns. Tooth colored (zirconium) materials can be used to give you the best esthetic results possible.

This technology is much more accurate than traditional dental laboratory techniques. Better fitting components mean you can be confident that our implants will provide you with a lifetime of trouble-free service.

For questions about NCOFSC’s technology and how it affects our treatment and procedure solutions, call us today at 760-432-8888.