Specializing in the Early Detection and Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth


Most wisdom teeth begin to develop during adolescence. While some people have room for their wisdom teeth, many others do not have space for these third molars to emerge properly at the back of their mouths. In many cases, wisdom teeth will only partially emerge through the gum or become encased in the jawbone. When this happens, they become impacted.

We specialize in the early evaluation of emerging wisdom teeth so we can detect impacted teeth and treat them before they cause complications such as pain, swelling, infection, bone loss or decay of nearby teeth.

Early extraction of impacted wisdom teeth is critical for avoiding future problems and decreasing surgical risk during a surgical procedure. Our dual degree surgeons have performed thousands of wisdom teeth removal surgeries in San Diego county.


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The wisdom tooth extraction process

North County Oral and Facial Surgery Center (NCOFSC) understands how anxious the thought of surgery can make you feel. We’ve made it our goal to provide an experience so comfortable that, by the time you are ready for treatment, you feel completely at ease.

During your consultation, we will use a digital panoramic x-ray machine to evaluate the position and condition of your wisdom teeth. The x-ray is both comfortable and safe. Since our patients generally like to know what they will feel during the procedure, we will discuss your anesthesia options with you in advance.

For most procedures, we use intravenous (IV) sedation. Under IV sedation, you will rest comfortably and we will be able to complete the extraction more efficiently. We offer local anesthesia and conscious sedation for single or less complicated extractions and will always make sure to discuss the option you prefer.

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Easy recovery

“Having a tooth pulled doesn’t usually leave the patient with kind feeling towards the perpetrators, but in this instance, the kind and skilled attention you paid to me yesterday deserves praise and a warm ‘thank you.’ All of your staff was unfailingly courteous and helpful and I have no hesitation recommending your office.”
– Sidney S.

Being dedicated to perfection, we will work precisely to extract your teeth so you feel no pain during the procedure and only a minimum amount of pain or discomfort following it. By minimizing the length of the surgery, we also minimize your recovery time, getting you back to work, school or life with almost no interruption.

Most wisdom teeth extractions are completed in under an hour. As soon as the general anesthesia wears off you can return home to rest and recuperate. We will check in before evening to make sure you’re comfortable and address any questions you have about the procedure or pain relief. One of our staff will call again three days later to make sure your recovery is complete, and you are pain-free.




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How much will my wisdom tooth removal cost?

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